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Accessories and Clothing and Tops 07 Nov 2012 06:00 am by Susan

Drew Barrymore in Line, Big Star USA, and QuayEyeware

Drew Barrymore was spotted in a Big Star USA top, Line’s Explorer Sweater, and yellow QuayEyeware sunglasses while out shopping in Hollywood on Thursday, November 1st.

Line Knitwear Explorer Cardigan
$375 at

Big Star USA Mika Oversized Dolman top
$52 at

QuayEyeware Australia 1553 in Yellow
$40 at


Tags: Drew Barrymore
Accessories 01 Nov 2012 12:00 pm by Susan

Kourtney Kardashian in Quayeyeware

Kourtney Kardashian enjoyed an afternoon of shopping and eating along Lincoln road in a pair of Quayeyeware sunglasses in Miami, Florida on October 29, 2012.

Quayeyeware Australia 1553 in Clear
$40 at


Tags: Kourtney Kardashian
Bottoms and Clothing 19 May 2012 06:00 am by Susan

Vanessa Hudgens in show me your MUMU

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted out in Studio City in these brown zig zag show me your MUMU shorts on May 8, 2012.

Show Me Your Mumu Ziggy High Short in Ziggy
$106 at
$106 at

QuayEyeware Australia Style 1527
$40 at


Tags: Vanessa Hudgens, show me your MUMU, show me your MUMU, QuayEyeware
Accessories and Clothing and Tops 27 Apr 2012 18:00 pm by Susan

Emma Roberts in Boys and Arrows

Emma Roberts was spotted in the Boys and Arrows bandeau while attending the Coachella Music Festival on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

Boys and Arrows Fringe Bandeau
$115 at

Quayeyeware Australia QY1553 sunglasses


Tags: Emma Roberts, Boys and Arrows, Quayeyeware Australia
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