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Fashion Du Jour


Madison Marcus Hunter Sleeveless Satin Dress: $265
Development Multi V-Neck Blouse with Pleated Detail: $265

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Amy Winhouse’s Johnny Depp T-Shirt

crybaby.jpg Off the Rack section found Amy Winhouse’s shirt that she recently wore, which features an image of Johnny Depp from John Water’s 1990 camp classic Cry Baby.

Cry Baby – Tattoo
$20 at


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I’m Sick :(

Hi everyone! Today’s posts will be a bit different because my body has finally given in to whatever that has been going around. I usually don’t get sick like this, so hopefully everything will be back to normal by tomorrow. Thanks for visiting!

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Jessica Alba Shops at Harmony Lane


Jessica spent the late afternoon shopping at Harmony Lane in Beverly Hills on January 16th. She picked out warm clothes for her trip to Sundance with her fiancé Cash. Jessica stocked up on long tanks, cozy cashmere sweater dresses and cardigans that she plans on wearing with leggings. “I need clothes that are comfortable and loose now that I am pregnant!” Jessica was glowing and talked about how excited she is to become a mom. She left carrying bags and bags on new clothes. A detailed list of what she purchased is below. 

La Rok Chain Doll Dress
Tricia Fix Emily Mini Dress
Plenty Drawstring Houndstooth Jacket
Plenty Flounced Coat
Plenty Tunic Sweater with black bow
La Made Cashmere Cardigan (in navy and ivory)
La Made Grey Full Length Coat
Yoana B. Ecru Silk Blouse
Aria Swing Coat
Rebel Yell Swing Hoodie
La Made Tanktops (in navy, grey, white, black, and ivory)
LinQ Hoodie Dress (in rasberry, almond, black and navy)
LinQ Creme Wrap top

Singer 22 - March 2008

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