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Uncategorized 16 Jan 2008 15:00 pm by Susan

Fashion Du Jour


Corey Lynn Calter Dixie Dress: $164
VPL Breaker Tank: $155

Clothing and Tops 16 Jan 2008 12:00 pm by Susan

Katherine Heigl in Primp


Katherine Heigl stopped by her LA home that she and hubby Josh Kelley are renovating on January 6th in this hoodie by Primp.

Primp Cameo Long Track Jacket
$83 on sale at



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Clothing and Tops 16 Jan 2008 06:00 am by Susan

Ashley Tisdale in Rebel Yell


High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale stopped at a Burbank coffee shop on January 14th in a Rebel Yell tee, to get some fuel before heading to a local recording studio to work on her second album.

Suave Tee
$39 at



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