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Clothing and Dresses and Tops 02 Sep 2007 12:00 pm by Susan

Britney Spears in Hale Bob

BritneySpears2.jpgBritney Spears was seen leaving a recording studio in Hollywood and making rounds in Beverly Hills on August 28th in what was meant to be worn as a shirt by Hale Bob. I didn’t post the pics of her backside hanging out. Won’t somebody tell her?!

Scalloped Velvet Burnout Habotai V-neck Tunic Top
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Clothing and Dresses and Tops 02 Sep 2007 06:00 am by Susan

Fergie in Juicy Couture

Fergie1.jpgTake a look at Fergie before and after getting her hair done in Los Angeles on August 28th wearing Juicy Couture. I don’t think her hair looked bad before she went to the salon.

Printed Voile Blouse
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Fergie2.jpg Fergie3.jpg



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