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Clothing and Tops 20 Jan 2007 16:00 pm by Susan

Lindsay Lohan in Retribution

lindsaylohanretribution.jpgThese pictures of Lindsay were taken on January 17th at Envie Boutique in Beverly Hills, where she was being fitted in Retribution clothing. Lindsay was trying on clothes to co-host a party for the clothing brand launch at Kitson, but ended up at Wonderland (rehab) instead.

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Clothing and Tops 20 Jan 2007 08:00 am by info

Naomi Watts in Rebecca Taylor

naomiwattsrebecca2.jpgNaomi Watts was snapped leaving CAA last week, wearing this Rebecca Taylor sweater. I usually love her style, but here she looks a little more winter-washed-out than winter-white. What do you guys think?

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