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Clothing and Handbags and Tops 19 Dec 2006 14:00 pm by Susan

Kate Hudson Carrying Dior Bag

katehudsonplanetblue3.jpgKate Hudson went shopping at Planet Blue for gifts for her son Ryder on December 14th. She wore this top by Butterfly Dropout (sorry, it’s a few seasons old) and carried the Dior Gaucho medium shoulder bag. When LiLo carried this bag, it was not so desirable. Then I see Kate with this bag, now I want it. Strange, no?

$1,395 at 




Clothing and Tops 19 Dec 2006 10:00 am by info

Gwen Stefani in L.A.M.B.

gweninmorelamb4.jpgThat Gwen is one smart cookie. Not only does she wear her clothing-line L.A.M.B. almost everywhere she goes, she even eats and shops close to where everyone can buy it. Here she is shopping at Sunset Plaza on December 15th in her Sweetheart Blazer after eating lunch at the Ivy. And what’s just a few doors down from the Ivy? Kitson. And what do they sell? You guessed it, her blazer. (adorable Kingston not included).

$485 at 




Clothing and Handbags and Tops 19 Dec 2006 06:00 am by info

Jennifer Garner in Monotype

jennifergarnerlunch3.jpgSo Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon had lunch at City Deli in Brentwood on December 12th, and everyone’s wondering whether they have a film project together in the works. Well, we don’t know yet, but I do know that they have the same talent agent (and the third person they were eating with IS that agent’s wife), so maybe there is something a-brewing…

For Jen’s classical button down
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Prada Antic Cervo satchel
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