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Clothing and Dresses 12 Nov 2006 13:00 pm by Susan

Lindsay Lohan in K.A.7

lindsaylohanplaystation2.jpgLindsay Lohan was at the launch party for Playstation 3 on November 8th in this silk cami dress by KA7. This dress is rather plain and shapeless, but it doesn’t really matter when you’ve got new poses for the cameras.

$278.00 at 




Bottoms and Clothing and Fashion and News 12 Nov 2006 08:00 am by Susan

Top 30 Jeans named by Yahoo! Buzz

Yahoo! Buzz recently named the top 30 jeans on the web. I don’t do jean posts because jeans fit differently on everyone and it’s all about how well it fits your body. If you need help finding jeans that match your body shape, check out They ask a few simple questions and then use the answers to recommend jeans that will fit best. See any of your favorites on the list?

 This is the run down of the top 30 jeans:

source Look Like a Celebrity!