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Uncategorized 11 Sep 2006 18:20 pm by Paul

ISP Changed IP

As you may have noticed, was down this weekend. For those who may be interested, the problem was caused when our ISP changed our IP on us. This might happen once again should they chose to reinstate our old IP, but hopefully not.

Our sincerest apologies,

Clothing and Tops 11 Sep 2006 13:00 pm by Susan

Jessica Biel In YA-YA Dress

jessicabielsocial2.jpgThis is kind of old, but here’s Jessica Biel at the Social restaurant and lounge last month in this bubble dress by YA-YA. This dress tones down her super buff arms.

This dress is not available in black.
$294 at






Accessories 11 Sep 2006 08:00 am by Susan

Minisock By Delphine Murat

minisock.JPGSocks for your stillettos? Yeah, you heard right. Delphine Murat has invented a shoe accessory that changes a simple stiletto into a rare pair of highly sophisticated and unique shoes. These socks can be worn with sandals, stillettos, or ballerina slippers. There are 5 styles and 3 fabrics to choose from. Isn’t this a crazy idea?



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