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Celebrity and News 21 Aug 2006 23:00 pm by Susan

Angelina Jolie For Shiseido Cosmetics

angelinajolieshiseido4.jpgSince I’m on a roll with Japanese companies, here are Angelina Jolie’s ads for Shiseido Cosmetics. She looks sooo beautiful and flawless! This advertising campaign was shot when Angelina was 6-7 months pregnant in Paris, France. Angelina’s Shiseido t.v. commercial won’t be officially released to the web, but is scheduled to air in Japan on August 28th. On a side note, I used to work for Shiseido a long time ago and they have the best eyelash curlers in the world.





Clothing and Shoes and Tops 21 Aug 2006 19:01 pm by Susan

Jessica Alba In Dolce & Gabbana Boots At Teen Choice Awards

jessica_alba_boots_4.jpgDolce & Gabbana Baroque Buckle Boots

Jessica Alba wore these boots to the Teen Choice awards yesterday. They’re from Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall ’06 runway collection and they’re sexy as hell. Aside from the boots, if you look closely, she has a hole in her top by Madley. Boo-ya. 

$1596 at





Handbags 21 Aug 2006 17:03 pm by Susan

Beyonce For Samantha Thavasa

beyonce_samantha.jpgSamantha Thavasa, despite the name, is a very popular brand born in Japan. If you can’t afford the must have Louis Vuitton handbags, then Samantha Thavasa is your next choice. The stores are covered in photos of Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and they’ve had Nicky Hilton has design for them before. There’s a Samantha Thavasa store in NYC, but the whole point of this entry is just to say that Beyonce looks pretty in this new ad.  


Handbags 21 Aug 2006 07:01 am by Susan

Fergie Carrying Louis Vuitton Bag

fergiehotel.jpgFergie left her hotel in Berlin yesterday carrying this Musette Louis Vuitton bag. Her new solo album, “The Dutchess” is coming out on September 19th, so we’ll probably see more of her around. The last time I saw Fergie was at Street Scene last year when she peed herself silly on stage during the performance. As the dark spot on her shorts got bigger, people stopped dancing and just stared. That was quite a spectacle. Maybe she won’t show up drunk to her own concerts this time.

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