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Clothing and Dresses and Tops 01 Aug 2006 18:00 pm by info

Jennifer Lopez’s Favorites from JLO Clothing


Jennifer Lopez picked out a few of her favorite items from her own clothing line JLO. She is also set to launch a new fragrance near the end of Summer called Live Luxe.

Available at under Jennifer’s Favorites.



Jewelry 01 Aug 2006 15:00 pm by info

Hilary Duff Gold Earrings

hilary_duff_earring_2.jpgLena Wald Spike Earring Small

I almost didn’t make this post because when I found the earrings it read this: * Please note the price is for one individual pierce. Initially I was a little upset about this because most earrings come in pairs. If it had said earrings for $184, I would have thought nothing of it. Then upon furthing thinking, I guess it’s nice that they have the option of buying just one. So on the with the post. They have them in a larger stud and also in white gold. Hilary was wearing them three days ago in Canada.

$92 for one 14k yellow gold earring at Aloha Rag.


Handbags 01 Aug 2006 12:00 pm by info

New Louis Vuitton LOCKIT

feature.jpgLouis Vuitton Lockit Collection

Monogram Canvas Lockit Vertical $900.00

Monogram Canvas Lockit $770.00

Monogram Canvas Lockit Horizontal $935.00

Available at

Handbags 01 Aug 2006 03:00 am by info

Jessica Alba’s YSL

ysl_medium_tote_double_handbag.jpgYves Saint Laurent Medium Tote Double Handbag
Fall/Winter 2006 Collection

I finally found Jessica’s mysterious white tote. I knew it was YSL, but couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s not available in the states yet, but since it’s part of this year’s fall/winter collection it may be available soon. How much do you love it?

$1,253.10 at

Jessica’s hat is a vintage button cadet hat in chocolate. $52 at Label 360.


Revolve Clothing

French Connection (US)
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