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Scarlett Johansson Hearts Reebok

scarlett_johansson_reebok0000.jpgScarlett Johansson for Reebok

“Reebok said Tuesday it has signed a multiyear contract with actress Scarlett Johansson to develop ‘Scarlett Hearts Rbk,’ a fashion-forward, athletic-inspired footwear and apparel signature collection. The line is schedule to debut in spring 2007 at high-end department stores and boutiques worldwide.” What do you know? We heart Scarlett.

Read more about it at Brandweek.

Scarlett’s dress by Stella McCartney
$1,495 at




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Paris Hilton’s Album Shoot

paris_hilton_5.jpgAngel Wing Pendant Necklace

These are some new pictures from Paris Hilton’s album shoot. After postponing the original release date, the album is now expected to be due out on August 22. I am curious about what she has on the rest of the album, since “Stars Are Blind” is starting to sound kind of good compared to the rest of the crap they play the radio. The last image looks like Paris has a huge Enrique Iglesias mole on her face.

Paris’s silver angel wing pendant necklace worn on the right can be found at $22

Urban Outfitters also has a similar one with two wings. $18

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T-post : Get Shirts in the Mail

what0000.jpgT-post 48%News 52%Cotton

I read about this on the closet therapy blog and loved this idea.

Read about it –>

Here are some images from the past issues. You cannot order these.

$32 at Shipping is included and you’ll get your first t-shirt in about a week.

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Elizabeth Hurley for Jordache


Stunning model and actress, Elizabeth Hurley, will be the new face for Jordache with the first ad running in September.

“In the campaign, Hurley wears the Jordache Vintage line, sold in high-end retail stores as well as the new Jordache Legacy line launching exclusively at Macy’s across the country this fall. All jeans have embroidered back pocket stitching with superior fits and modern styles.” (

Elizabeth Hurley is one of the most beautiful women ever. Check out her swimwear line Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

Singer 22 - March 2008
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Jessica Alba for GAP

jessica_alba_gap.jpgJessica Alba

Earlier this month, Jessica Alba was seen shopping at the Gap and I was wondering why on earth SHE would be doing that. Anyway, I came across a few of her Gap ad campaigns from a couple years ago when Sarah Jessica Parker was doing it too. She probably got everything for free. Lucky! Look Like a Celebrity!