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Accessories 22 Jun 2006 16:00 pm by info

For your noggin, A.Kurtz

lindsay_lohan_akurtz.jpgA.Kurtz Hats

Just about every celebrity owns an A.Kurtz hat: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Eva Longoria to name a few. Jennifer Lopez also wore one in her recent music video along with a big furry coat, which I don’t get, but the hat was cute. These military style hats are popping up everywhere in various colors and styles. A.Kurtz also designs cute tanks, shirts, hoodies, and bags.

$28-$48 depending on the style for the hats

You can get A.Kurtz merchandise at

Bottoms and Clothing and Dresses and Tops 22 Jun 2006 14:45 pm by info

I Heart Rebel Yell


Rebel Yell makes vintage style clothing without overdoing it on the vintage part. I can’t stand it when designers make vintage clothes with a whole bunch of holes and tears; making a shirt look like it actually belongs in the trash can. Rebel Yell does a great job making cute sweatshirts and basic tees with beautiful pastel-toned colors. Their pieces actually look like they would have been styles genuinely worn in the past, but with the incorporation of modern fashion. Ashlee Simpson is shown rocking a Rebel Yell logo tee and maybe her new nose? I can’t tell.

Rebel Yell clothing is available at


*Update: After I made this post, I saw a pic of Mischa Barton with the t-shirt in the middle.

Swimwear 18 Jun 2006 06:00 am by info

Bikinis from Victoria’s Secret

vs_bikini0000.jpgBeach Sexy Ruffled triangle bikini

If you haven’t bought your swimsuit yet for the summer, this bikini by Victoria’s Secret is perfect! The design is so cute and girly and it’s on sale at Victoria’s Secret for $36. The only thing I’m a little disappointed by is that it only comes in this pink/peach color. I also included some pics of other cute bikinis from their site. They are (from left to right): Michael Kors (black), Op (striped), Calvin Klein (yellow), and Victoria’s Secret (bubble pattern). They are all available here. I need to get into one of these and work on my tan!

Jewelry 16 Jun 2006 14:23 pm by info

Victoria Beckham is Posh

victoria_beckham0002.jpgMudflap Girl

Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice, always looks so hot and sexy, it hurts. I guess that’s what happens when you spend $5,000 a week on hair extensions, but I digress. Recently, Beckham has been spotted wearing a gold Mudflap Girl necklace, the same one Kate Hudson and Kim Cattrall have been seen sporting too. The Mudflap Girl used to adorn the backs of burly 18-wheeler trucks, but has now made its way into mainstream fashion. The buxom female figure also adorns t-shirts, jackets, and belt buckles.

It’s not surprising that Britney Spears also wears jewelry by White Trash Charms too. Their site proudly states “Trash = Class.”

Available at White Trash Charms (Afro Mudflap Girl also available)

$75-$378 depending on the metal and size (Beckham is wearing the large)

Singer 22 - March 2008
Shoes 15 Jun 2006 11:50 am by info

Christian Louboutin Bruges Pumps

ashley_olsen_shoe_1.jpgThese trendy pumps have been spotted on Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and just about every other hot celebrity right now. The pumps sport a red sole that gives away the Louboutian name and can be purchased for $735. I don’t know about you, but that’s a little on the steep side for me, so I’ve found alternatives. Instead of the Christian Louboutin Bruges pumps, I just bought the “Raceway” Platform pump by Michael Kors. I think they are equally as cute and more affordable at $129. These heels give you some serious height adding an extra 4 1/2 inches, but they don’t have the signature red sole. If you just can’t part with the idea of not having that red sole, Urban Outfitters offers some red soled pumps and an open toe version too. Still not happy? Then check out Guess and Jessica Simpson’s collection for other similar styles for a tad bit cheaper.

Michael Kors “Raceway” Platform pump at Macy’s
Rounded and Peep-toe pumps at Urban Outfitters

Jewelry 14 Jun 2006 22:00 pm by info

Give me an “O”

adina_pearl_o_necklace0003.jpgNecklaces with “O” shaped pendants are everywhere; from hammered metal “O”s to sparkly “O”s. These necklaces can accessorize any outfit and they conveniently go with anything you’ve got. I’ve seen a wide range of prices for these cute little pieces, so I’ve picked out a few that I like. I hope you like them too.

Adina “Tiny Circle Pearl Chain” $118
Nordstrom “Nordstrom 14k Gold Collection Necklace with Open Disc Pendant” $78 (Shinier than shown in image)
Banana Republic “Cubic Zirconia Hoop Necklace” $32
Dogeared “Karma” $48-$60 (I recommend you check out their other jewelry too)
Boe “Sterling Silver Ring Necklace” $54


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