ashley_olsen_shoe_1.jpgThese trendy pumps have been spotted on Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and just about every other hot celebrity right now. The pumps sport a red sole that gives away the Louboutian name and can be purchased for $735. I don’t know about you, but that’s a little on the steep side for me, so I’ve found alternatives. Instead of the Christian Louboutin Bruges pumps, I just bought the “Raceway” Platform pump by Michael Kors. I think they are equally as cute and more affordable at $129. These heels give you some serious height adding an extra 4 1/2 inches, but they don’t have the signature red sole. If you just can’t part with the idea of not having that red sole, Urban Outfitters offers some red soled pumps and an open toe version too. Still not happy? Then check out Guess and Jessica Simpson’s collection for other similar styles for a tad bit cheaper.

Michael Kors “Raceway” Platform pump at Macy’s
Rounded and Peep-toe pumps at Urban Outfitters