cuffs_of_love.jpgI.D Jewelry

Cuffs of Love bracelets and necklaces are designed by I.D Jewelry designer, Igal Dahan, symbolizing “Locked to love.” These bracelets have been spotted on celebrities like Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kelly Osbourne, Anna Nicole Smith, and Kelly Clarkson.

I first saw this jewelry being sold at a small kiosk at the mall and they’re very cute and charming. It would really make a great birthday gift without spending lots money. The cuffs come in a heart or round shape, small to extra large sizes, and plain or added bling. You can get the cord bracelets in your favorite color since they come in a variety of colors. The biggest problem is that I want them all and it’s really hard to just pick one!

You can show that you’re “Locked to Love” and get them at The Latest Trend.

If you’re not “Locked to Love,” you can wear the “Pain of Love” necklace shown below.

$20-$70 depending on which style you choose.